Happy Southlake credit repair coupleI would love to give my most expressive thanks to Coast to Coast Credit Services, for making my dream come true. I never thought that this would be possible. A couple of months ago my credit was completely destroyed, my score was a 525. But with the help and effort of Coast to Coast Credit Services my score is a 695 now. Even though I had my doubts due to the fact that there are many companies, that tell you they are going to help you with your credit and all they do is take your money and you never hear back from them and your credit stay the same.There wasn’t one day that I called and they didn’t pick up my calls. I thank God for putting Coast to Coast Credit Services in my way. Thanks to them the bank just approved me for a $225,000 loan for the purchase of my new home, I’m still in shock. For the rest of my life I will be thankful to Coast to Coast Credit Services. May god bless you!

Luis Aviles (TX)
I can’t thank you enough Coast to Coast Credit Services. My score is improving and I am on my way to financial success. Seeing where I was to where I am here today, huge difference in such a short time frame.Thank you again!
Shavasha Barnett
Michelle,I just wanted to send you an email and tell you thanks again for all of your help, without you working on my credit score, the wife and I would have never been able to purchase our new home. All of the “extra” things that you done and took care of for us was just amazing. We will do our best to send you as many referrals as we can. Our life has been “IMPROVED” thanks to you.Thanks again,
Randy Merchant
Dear Janie,
I am very happy that we choose you and coast to coast to work with. Everything that I needed to get cleaned up and removed to improve my credit you have done. If you remember I was a ghost 435 score and not using any credit for 10 years and now you have my scores at 710 ,715, 701 and I am in shock. I am overwhelmed with joy and in shock that you were able to help me achieve a score that has allowed me to get a mortgage of 250,000.00 to take care of my family.I can not tell you what you have done for me and my family. Unbelievable and awesome working with you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Janie we are moving to Florida because of you Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!Anybody needing to learn about credit and credit cards and getting your life and credit back on track there is one place to go COAST TO COAST PERIOD!The Ferguson Family

I know you probably think I am being a pest but I have so many questions, and I am just so excited that you are helping me. You have brought back a small light that I thought wasn’t going to come back after working with Lexington Law. Thank you!

Tabatha P.

That is fantastic!!! I am so pumped and can’t wait to see more come off the next round!! I owe you so much!! Michelle you were so patient with me making my decision and you have been there to help me with every question. You made me feel like I had a shoulder to lean on. Thank you so very much!!!

Jason U.


Happy Southlake credit repair couple“Thanks to you we are moving into our brand new home.  Had it not been for you, I would still be renting instead of owning! Thank you!”
Terry (GA)


“I have recently closed, and moved into my new home thanks to you and your help in rebuilding my credit. Meeting you has been the best experience you coached me through the process of rebuilding my credit and I can’t thank you enough. I will continue to refer everyone I meet that has credit challenges. Thanks again for all your hard work.”
Warmest regards,
Lisa M.
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When I began working with Coast to Coast Credit Services, my credit scores were in the mid 500’s. I was looking at buying a house. I knew that with my scores where they were I would have to do something if I wanted to reach my goal of home ownership. I started working with Coast to Coast this past spring and by the time I was ready to purchase my home a few months later, my scores were already up 80 points. I got a great rate on my new home and was even given a low interest rate credit card.Since I bought my home, I have purchased a new car as well, qualifying for the “advertised rate” I had seen on TV for years but know I would never get. My scores are now up in the 700’s and I am enjoying all the benefits of good credit thanks to the folks over at Coast to Coast Credit. I now refer anyone I talk to about credit problems without hesitation to Coast to Coast Credit Services.Carl H
Thanks! Our lives have changed because of you. At first you know Clay and I were very skeptical of your company, but seeing is believing. Now that we have moved into our dream house we tell all our friends about you guys. Thanks again and keep up the good work.We love Coast To Coast Credit Services.Sherry & Clay W. Be sure to use a Credit Repair company that you can trust.
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I just want to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for what you and Coast to Coast Credit Services did for Mitch and I. We’re in the process of refinancing our mortgage loan right now, and for the first time ever, we have a bank that is willing to finance for us–based on our GOOD credit. I never thought I’d hear a bank say to me–“You have good credit!” Wow!Thank you so much! I’ll recommend you to everyone I know!Sincerely,
Linda M.


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