Logic-10 Credit Repair System

logic10creditrepairsystemMost credit repair companies send form letters to the credit bureaus that you could do yourself free of charge. This system will not bring the needed credit restoration results, and the original creditors could report the items again. Therefore, you end up with the same credit problems.

A few companies are using a 5 or multi phase credit repair system that achieves better results, but it still does not maximize your credit scores because of the rigid steps used in the repair process.

Our trademarked Logic-10 System is tailored to each clients specific credit issues. We audit not just the credit bureaus, but the original creditors too via signature mail, creating a legal paper trail and forcing them to delete the inaccurate and non-validated items off the credit reports.

Within our credit repair process we utilize all necessary steps to maximize our clients credit scores in a logical and time efficient manner.

The negative credit items deleted by the original creditors will stay off your credit reports. Consequently you will be able to enjoy the great benefits of good credit on a permanent basis, provided you pay your current bills on time.

Our experience shows that concerning the success rate of improving the clients credit rating, on a scale 1 to 10, our system scores 10 – which is the basis in our credit repair process: Logic-10 System

Just two days ago I pulled my credit score, and it is unbelievable! Lower is 737, Higher is 789!! I knew it was better than when I started with you but not THAT better! Thanks a million!

– Leo

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