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Will an old address on my credit report hurt my credit score?

One of the things your credit report includes is a list of your current and previous addresses. Credit bureaus get updates about your address from creditors and other businesses that report to credit bureaus. Each time your address changes, creditors report the new address along with your other credit report information. Can these old addresses hurt your credit score? Continue reading


What is a Credit Report and Why is it Important?

Your credit report is a compilation of information about the way you handle debt. It includes information about how much debt you’ve accumulated, how you pay your bills, where you live, where you work, whether you’ve filed bankruptcy, and whether you’ve had a home foreclosed or vehicle repossessed. If it sounds like your credit report contains a lot of information, that’s because it does. Continue reading


4 Ways Your Driving Habits Could Wreck Your Credit Score

My daughter recently turned 15, and one of the first things she did on her birthday was to take an online test required to get her learner’s permit. She passed, and now she’s driving. I don’t have to lecture her on safe driving habits; she’s been doing that to me for years. And she’s more up to speed on the rules of the road than I am.

But what I do have to explain is how driving may affect her credit in the future. They don’t teach that in Driver’s Ed, and it’s something most of us don’t think about until it affects us.
Here are four ways that driving can have significant, long-term impact on your credit. Continue reading